Detail Tracking System ™ is a Secure, Cloud-Based System for POLICE, FIRE, and SECURITY agencies to manage details, overtime and scheduling in an efficient, and transparent manner. CALL FOR ONSITE DEMO 401-413-2953
This system uses the latest in security technology and is mobile friendly from anywhere and from any device that has internet availability!
There are no servers or infrastructure for you to buy! This is a fully secure cloud based system, just like online banking!
We guarantee that this system will reduce your administration overhead by at least 50 to 80%

PRICING is $7.99/seat/month!
Example: Your department has 32 officers then your cost is $255.68/month
No charge for staff and administration accounts!

Metrics and Reports

Your department is constantly accumulating data. Being able to view usable perspectives of this data on the fly without any additional software is a huge benefit!

Real-time Communications

This system sends emails, SMS, and Voice communications to all your department, so verification of and logging of these communications in paramount for validation.


Intuitive calendars giving you a bird eye view of your department's scheduling, not to mention this system is smart enough to know not to double book individual officers and personnel!

Digital Signatures

Forget paper, Your officer can simply bring up their assignment from their mobile device and have the vendor sign it to verify the hours worked. A .PDF will automatically can be emailed to payroll, the vendor and the officer before the cruiser even leaves the job site!

Officer Dashboard

Your officers have both a desktop dashboard and a mobile web app to their disposal, giving all the option they need to manage their assignment, scheduling and notifications from any device and from anywhere!.

Vendor Invoicing

Full Vendor Invoicing with payment posting is available to your department's administration staff, this feature really brings this system full circle. Our high speed servers will crunch your numbers making handsome .PDF documents with your department info in the header all emailed to you as fast as you can push a button!

Full List of features:
  • detail assigning
  • overtime assigning
  • scheduling
  • roster management
  • hours management
  • notifications
  • vendor management
  • vendor invoicing
  • vendor payment posting
  • vendor detail ordering
  • digital signature signing
  • vendor notifications
  • cloud based
  • mobile web app
  • secure ssl over https
  • 24/7/365 high availability
  • encrypted data backups
  • reduces headaches and saves money

Privacy Policy:
Detail Tracking System ™ is a product of SystemWorks IT Solutions. We respect the privacy of our customers and do everything in our power to insure the protection of our customer's data. We will never sell, or release any of our customer's data without written consent or ordered by a court of law.